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We’re open!

A message from Ciara Dunne, Practice Manager

It’s fair to say that the last few months haven’t been easy.  Lockdown life has seen many of us juggle work, home school the kids, look after vulnerable relatives (from a safe distance of course), worry about the health of those closest to us, and generally adapt to a different way of life.

It’s all had a bearing on our mental health and physical wellbeing, but as restrictions start to lift, it’s important to take time to look after yourself – so when you need us, we’re here.

Keeping you safe when you visit us

Let’s face it, not many people look forward to going to the dentist and that’s without the extra complexity of COVID-19.  So we completely understand you may be more nervous about visiting the dentist than normal.

The truth is, your visit will be different.  There will be more safety measures in place and consequently, our practice will feel more ‘clinical’.  Our dentists, hygienists and nurses will be wearing more safety clothing and face wear, and our reception team will be behind screens and wearing masks too.

We’ll also ask you to use hand sanitiser and wear a face mask while in practice (these will be provided), but it’s only for everyone’s protection.

You can find out more about the extra safety measures we have introduced in our COVID-19 safety charter.

We hope to see you again soon

Please give us a call if you want to discuss your oral health, book an appointment or to simply get some more reassurance about the safety measures we have put in place – this is an unusual time for everyone and we’re here to put you at ease.

We also ask that that you do not visit our  practice in-person without a pre-arranged appointment.  We could be treating a ‘cocooner’ so we need to make sure we don’t have too many people in the practice at the same time.

When you do visit us, we ask that you follow a few simple steps – our teams will explain everything to you when you book, but please take a look at these before you arrive.

Stay safe and we look forward to seeing you soon.

Ciara Dunne, Practice Manager

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Book a Free Consultation * †

    *Terms and conditions:

    1. A consultation is free of professional charges but a COVID-19 safety tariff will apply.
    †1. Free consultations are to discuss options and suitability for treatment. Subsequent clinical examinations and diagnostic tests required, and any associated costs will be discussed prior to treatment commencing.
    2. Consultations subject to availability.