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Our COVID-19 safety tariff

At Dental Excellence the health, wellbeing and safety of our patients, their families and our people is our priority and always will be.
That’s why, following the COVID-19 outbreak, we’ve taken the essential decision to put extra patient safety measures in place right across our practice.

Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) has always been worn by our clinical teams in the practice, but due to the global demand for PPE, the cost for this PPE has increased significantly. Additionally, for some treatments, new guidelines mean that our clinicians have to wear more enhanced PPE to minimise the risk of cross contamination during treatment.  Unfortunately, we’ve had to introduce a safety tariff that will be applied to each private appointment, adjusted to the level of PPE required during your appointment.

There are two main types:

TypeWhat this meansPPE neededCost
1. Non-Aerosol Procedures
Check-ups, new patient exams, X-rays, simple extractions, dentures, some orthodontic procedures and some hygiene treatment
No aerosol sprays are produced in these proceduresNormal PPE with some additional elements or increased quantity€6
2. Aerosol-Generating Procedures
Fillings, crowns, bridges, whitening, some orthodontic procedures and some hygiene treatment
Aerosol sprays are produced which may contain virus particles from your mouthEnhanced levels of PPE conforming to higher standards of protection €12

Please note

  • These charges are per appointment. So if you need more than one appointment for your treatment, you will be charged each time you visit the dentist. We will do our best to keep the number of appointments to a minimum with careful treatment planning.
  • The COVID-19 safety tariff will not be applied to: patients  who qualify under the PRSI scheme, all services provided outside of these schemes will be charged the fee.

Please be reassured that this is a temporary measure. We regularly review the tariff and are committed to keeping costs to a minimum. We have already reduced the tarriff since it was first introduced and will continue to do so where possible.

Thank you for your understanding during this difficult time.

Book a Free Consultation * †

    *Terms and conditions:

    1. A consultation is free of professional charges but a COVID-19 safety tariff will apply.
    †1. Free consultations are to discuss options and suitability for treatment. Subsequent clinical examinations and diagnostic tests required, and any associated costs will be discussed prior to treatment commencing.
    2. Consultations subject to availability.